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Real-e-Live People is the revolutionary visitor tracking and chat system that changes your website from a flat, impersonal brochure to a virtual storefront. You can watch visitors enter your website, see what they are looking at, and approach them in person with a live video and text chat. Real-e-Live People (ReLP) humanizes your website, by allowing your sales and service staff to treat website visitors like real people and engage them before they browse away.

What if? See for yourself

Increase sales

Visitors who chat with a with a real live person are 30 times more likely to buy than those who don't. Providing immediate answers to questions about your vehicles and products eliminates your customers' barriers to purchasing, and creates a personal connection that your competitors can't match.

Real-e-Live People screenshot

Shorten the sales cycle

Retailers who talk to visitors about their needs online are able to push relevant product information, answer questions immediately and take their customers to the next step quickly (such as a credit application or other type of online request). By catching these customers before they browse away, you can dramatically reduces the number of people who abandon your website and convert tire kickers into customers.

Maximize return on website investments

Use ReLP's advanced traffic analytic features to identify search engine marketing opportunities, rate the success of advertising campaigns, and pinpoint trouble spots in your website design. ReLP provides instant feedback on where your visitors are finding your website, and what search engine keywords are bringing in your traffic.

Improve service & customer satisfaction

Provide immediate, face to face customer service as soon as they hit your website. Solve problems and make your customers happy without leaving the office! Real-e-Live People breaks through electronic and corporate barriers to give your worldwide customers the personal service they would expect from a local business.

Be everywhere at once

Website visitors come from all around your city, all around your region, and all around the world. Meet them face to face when they arrive, and build strong relationships with customers before they move on to a competitor. The Real-e-Live People interface lets you hold audio/video/text conversations with multiple visitors simultaneously, while monitoring individual website visitors in real time. With Real-e-Live People, your website is transformed from an impersonal brochure to a full service storefront!